KALAVEE GHONGADI - The Rousing Blanket.

We are living a fast and hectic life where mind peace is lost, so this traditional Ghongadi plays a salient role in total relaxation. Ghongadi which inherits such importance is losing its noble importance. Ghongadi is a traditional blanket and is used in holy rituals and in most of the village functions. It has illustrious importance in holding religious beliefs. According to Kolhapur’s cultural heritage, Ghongadi is believed to be the Aasan of God and saints which gives it a heavenly touch. Farmers and shepherds prefer Ghongadi in their day to day life. The Nomads and the Herdsmen are completely immersed in this art. Ghongadi is helpful in protecting the farmers from scorching heat extreme cold and rainfall. It is used by rural areas only. But its time now to reveal its influential importance to the urban areas. It is considered very auspicious during marriage fixing.